Reaching Out

Apartment building

Reaching Out

Getting to know your community

Your health is affected by where you live, where you shop, and where you work. Your health is also affected by the people around you including family, friends, and neighbours.

  • Having supports and services close by can help make planning, pregnancy and the transition to parenthood easier.
  • Think about your lifestyle and how you currently reach out and how this may change when planning to have a family and when you become a parent.

Should you move?

List the pros and cons of your current community. If you are thinking about a change, list the pros and cons for that community option.

When completing the downloadable chart, consider the following:

  • Costs.
  • Transit system, commuting time.
  • Community services: schools, community centres, parenting programs, childcare facilities, etc.
  • Physical fitness: walkable neighbourhoods, trails, fitness facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc.
  • Distance from family and friends.
  • Availability of healthy food.
  • Health care services: family doctor, public health unit, hospitals, midwives, etc.
  • Phone and internet service.

Build a support network before you get pregnant.

By planning ahead, it will be easier for you to access support after the baby is born. There may be community services available. Find out about parenting groups and other supports in your community.

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