Information Specific to Men

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Information Specific to Men

Making a reproductive life plan, living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight and protecting your fertility will all help to be ready to conceive and raise a healthy baby.

Keep in mind the following:

  • It takes about 3 months for new sperm to fully develop. Drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, taking certain medications, exposure to industrial chemicals and hot environments, too much stress, and being overweight can make it difficult to make healthy sperm.
  • Cocaine, opiates, high doses of marijuana and alcohol, tobacco and anabolic steroids have been linked to male infertility.
  • Older men have less healthy sperm and the sperm may not move as well.
  • Untreated sexually transmitted infections can cause fertility problems.
  • Infections such as chicken pox or rubella (German measles) can damage sperm.  If you are infected, you may infect your partner, even if she has been immunized. Immunizations are not always 100% effective. Ensure your immunizations are up to date. See your health care provider if you are unsure.
  • Alcohol can lower testosterone levels which can cause a lower sperm count. Heavy drinking may limit your ability to be a responsive father and partner. If you have concerns, contact your health care provider or local addiction services.
  • Now is the time to be sure about your relationship, before you start planning a pregnancy. Having a child results in a lifelong connection to your partner. Having a baby does not make a difficult relationship better, it only adds to the stress. For help, talk to your health care provider or a local counselling service.
  • Learn about healthy pregnancies and healthy child development.
  • Support your partner in healthy lifestyle choices such as being regularly active, not drinking alcohol and avoiding tobacco smoke when planning or during a pregnancy.
  • Check out the sections of this website for more information on choices you can make to have the healthiest baby possible.

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