Baby breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is the normal and unequaled way to feed your baby. Babies need only breastmilk for the first 6 months.


Experts such as the World Health Organizations and Health Canada recommend breastfeeding up to 2 years of age and beyond.


Did you know?

  • Babies who are not breastfed have a higher risk of ear infections, lung and breathing issues, diarrhea, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Mothers who do not breastfeed have a higher risk of health issues such as postpartum bleeding, diabetes, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • Families who do not breastfeed their baby, have additional financial costs to purchase and prepare infant formula.

In addition, breastfeeding:

  • Is convenient, since breastmilk is at the right temperature and available anytime.
  • Is environmentally friendly.
  • Can help with child spacing (contraception).

It is always best to breastfeed, even if it is only for a short time.

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